Action Camera Head Mount

An action camera head mount is an accessory that allows you to securely attach an action camera, like a GoPro, to your head or helmet. This enables you to capture first-person point of view (POV) footage during various activities, such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or other outdoor adventures.

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To use an action camera head mount:

  1. Choose a suitable head mount: There are different types of head mounts available, such as straps, clips, or adhesive mounts. Choose one that best fits your activity and helmet, if you’re wearing one.
  2. Attach the head mount: If you’re using a strap-based mount, adjust the straps to fit your head or helmet securely. For adhesive mounts, clean the surface of your helmet before applying the adhesive pad. Make sure the mount is centered and properly aligned with your line of sight.
  3. Attach the action camera: Connect the camera to the mount using the provided mounting bracket or adapter. Make sure it is securely attached and that the angle is adjusted to your desired field of view.
  4. Test the setup: Before starting your activity, test the camera to ensure it is functioning properly and capturing your intended perspective. You might need to adjust the angle or positioning of the mount and camera for optimal footage.
  5. Record your adventure: With everything set up, you’re now ready to record your activity. Remember to check the camera’s battery life and storage capacity to ensure you can capture your entire adventure without interruptions.
  6. Safety considerations: Make sure that using a head-mounted action camera does not interfere with your ability to see, hear, or otherwise safely participate in your chosen activity. Always prioritize safety over capturing footage.